Our first gig! In Cascina Casottello.

Indeed, the weird and great thing was that I wasn’t anxious at all.
With Danilo and Stefano we built a very positive spirit and a really rare “lightness” in facing our first concert. It happens, when you trust each other.
Overall, we played with this formation only four times before: the second one was in occasion of our first recording (“Tell me the truth” and “Red”). The other three were reharsal sessions; I remember especially the last one, just few days before the concert, when we played all my ten original songs.

And that was all. I mean, one reharsal session for an almost complete concert. The four covers played (Bill Withers’ “Lovely day” and “Use me”, Marvin Gaye’s “Inner city blues” and the ballad “Cry me a river”) were totally improvised during the gig.
And they did work!

It was a moving experience, enriched by the beautiful unique imperfections that can only belong to a first time.
I can’t wait for the next concert!

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