Our first recording, dated 3 February.

The idea was to shoot a video of us while perfoming “Tell me the truth”, and then to record “Red”. It was very good.
Four takes for each song, and at the end of the day we had both them.
“Tell me the truth” remained the very same as we recorded, while I sang again “Red”, but the instrumental parts are the authentic ones, and I’m very happy about them. Danilo and Stefano played enhancing the songs, which is something not to be understimated.

The session was filmed by Soukizy, a photographer and videomaker very passionate about music, and a good friend. Here’s the video!

I entrusted the mix to Maurizio Macchioni, an “old acquaintance” of mine. He’s a real sound engineer I worked with in the past, in more than one occasion. His work on my songs was fast and up to the expectations, and made me very satisfied.

Next step: our first live.

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