Recording (I)

Here’s the face of our album, after the first recording session. 🙂

Yesterday and the day before we took the first step, recording the drums.
My home’s basement became our studio, we wired every instrument, and we just played.
Together and without click (metronome), to let the music flow with its right dynamics and “humanity”. As I often repeat, small imperfections make everything perfect.
Four takes on average, eight songs in total: together with the already recorded and mixed “Red” and “Tell me the truth”, we’ll have ten songs ready to be printed.

We’ll now re-record what we could do better: I mean that some tracks are already good when we were playing in the basement. The instrumental part of “Screaming out”, for example, is great, and we’re going to keep it as it is.
As regards the other songs, we’ll play again guitar and keyboards, and all background and lead vocals at the end.

Capturing your creations through studio recording is always exciting. Plus, it allows musicians to both try solutions and make their parts effective, two things that surely improve the song’s arrangement.

In short, recording is cool. ❤

to be continued…

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