Recording (III)

Some months ago, right after publishing “Tell me the truth” video on Youtube, my friend and colleague (and vocal coach, sometimes) Nicoletta Tiberini wrote me: “I hear background vocals here!”.
She meant that bg vocals were required there. 🙂 And I obviously took note of it.
Nicoletta has a vocal trio, The apricot tree, and I often play with them both as a guitarist and a bassist.

So, in the and of July, I thought I’d have liked to give a ‘vocal boost’ to a couple of recorded songs (of course “Tell me the truth”, and then “I want to be”) and I asked them to take part on the album.

It was fun: Nicoletta, Chiara Lucchini e Andrea Di Ceglie went perfectly into the songs and gave them a nice plus: music acquires airiness, smoothness. In a few words… chills!

Now, the recording is practically over, except… oh, right, I have to sing…
Ok, going to work!!!

For more information about Apricot tree:

to be continued…

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