Recording (IV and last)

Recording lead vocals is always a fight…!
It’s hard for me being happy of the result, talking especially about some songs (luckily not all of them…).

But the best part is that, repeating them a lot of time, you finally learn them by heart and, above all, you understand how songs have to be interpreted.
And it’s also funny to experiment background vocal lines, having the time to do it.
I love bg vocals, so I definitely find the time to dedicate to them.

In August I already completed some songs, and after the summer holidays, I recorded the missing ones, some easily, other ones after fighting a lot with myself…

Now it’s mix time! While I’m writing, Maurizio Macchioni is doing a great job: I already had a pre-mix copy of the songs, and they already sound amazing!

October will see the album, and I really can’t wait for it…!

But I’m excited for other news, which I can’t spoiler now…
I’ll be back soon to spread them! 🙂

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