Quarantine diary

Well. First, let’s say that the covid-19 arrived just one week before the official presentation of my album “Cliché” at Radio Popolare. Cool!
Then, of course, like every musician, I saw concerts and private events being cancelled, along with the lessons at the school I use to teach.
I didn’t want to fall into depression, and I decided, encouraged by my wife Alisa, to go live on Instagram every night at 10:00 PM, and play some songs about a specific genre, or argument, or artist.

That started the 6th March: since that date, I went live every night, for about 20-25 minutes, singing and playing four songs, most times for the first time ever, and it’s fun!
But above all, it keeps me alive, allowing me to perform with a live audience, and to stay in contact with friends.

Music has to go on!

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