About Ale

Ale “Kape” Sicardi is a guitarist, bassist, arranger/orchestrator, composer and singer.
After a classical and jazz education, started his professional career in 2000.
He played in different formations and with many artists, moving from jazz to folk, from funk to bossa nova, from tango to blues.
He’s in the Ottavo Richter line up since 2004. Together with other three members of the band hosts, since 2017, a program on Radio Popolare (Notte Vulnerabile), on air every Tuesday at 11:00 PM.
He composed music and sound design for brands like Prada, Miu Miu, Alberta Ferretti, ICAN.
Along with his musician job, he teaches guitar and electric bass, also holding seminars/workshops about several arguments (composition, soundtrack, improvisation).

My first love: I started composing music
for instruments when I was 17 years old.
And I still like it.

I think songs like matching two poems together.
I started to sing Brazilian music when I was 19,
then I started to “explore” other worlds.

During my career I was really lucky
to compose music for great brands.
Here you can listen some of my works.

Mixing sounds came, for me,
as a natural consequence of creating music.
So, I started to work as an audio producer, too.

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