«It’s a very enjoyable album, supported by precise stylistic choices and by the desire to play with certain stylistic elements, unhinging them from time to time.»
Wezla 22/01/2020

«Kape’s is a job that does not neet crystallizing gender definitions; in the playful sneer of some, in fact, “Clichés”, lies the strenght of an album that establishes a fight to the death with the wear and tear of expressive codes.
Voto: 10/10»
System Failure 03/02/2020

«It’s a dynamic and light, sinous and complex album. It’s made of ten songs, all built with class, in which a musical path unfolds itself, while gravitating around a genuine funky sound, and which attracts and converges the energies of the rhythm & blues, of the evergreen 70s disco and splendid shades of folk, soul, RnB and motown writing.» 13/02/2020

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