«It’s a very enjoyable album, supported by precise stylistic choices and by the desire to play with certain stylistic elements, unhinging them from time to time.»
Wezla 22/01/2020

«Kape’s is a job that does not neet crystallizing gender definitions; in the playful sneer of some, in fact, “Clichés”, lies the strenght of an album that establishes a fight to the death with the wear and tear of expressive codes.
Voto: 10/10»
System Failure 03/02/2020

«It’s a dynamic and light, sinous and complex album. It’s made of ten songs, all built with class, in which a musical path unfolds itself, while gravitating around a genuine funky sound, and which attracts and converges the energies of the rhythm & blues, of the evergreen 70s disco and splendid shades of folk, soul, RnB and motown writing.»
Music.it 13/02/2020

«Today there is a use and abuse of electronics, the one done well but also the one done badly. Kape – or Alessandro Sicardi – instead, recovers the 70s sound without mimicking too much, respecting what has already been done and with good musical dynamics. This is how he produces “Cliché”, an album entirely in English, produced by La Stanza Nascosta Records, relying on travel companions Danilo Mazzone and Stefano Grasso. Dance, rhythm and blues, ballad, funk shades, unfold throughout the record, with truly enjoyable moments, especially in the refrains.»
Shake Gpdf 27/03/2020